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PicasaWeb Backup


Picasaweb Backup v.2

  • Get an offline backup of all your Picasa albums.
  • Downloads the original, full quality picture/video.
  • Sorts all your albums in separate folders.
  • Multithreaded downloads for speed.
  • Incremental, only download new media that you don't already have offline.
  • Command line parameters can be used.


The cloud is great and I keep most of my stuff there but  every now and then I like to take a offline copy of my cloud content for safe keeping. This software is based on the source code I published of my Picasaweb Downloader. This version adds a GUI for easy use as well as a new implementation of mulithreaded download manager that speeds up the process. All communication with Picasa are based on Googles public APIs without any modification.

How to use

Just fill in your details for your Google account that is connected to Picasa, select a download path and hit download. If you use two-step-authentication on your Google account you have to create an app password for this application to work. There is also an option of using command line parameters specified below:

picasawebbackup.exe "C:\Users\Public\Pictures\My Pictures\" -u:USERNAME -p:PASSWORD -n

-u:USERNAME Picasa Username
-p:PASSWORD Picasa Password
-n Only download files that aren't allready on disk


This software is free and provided as is without any warranties of any kind, either implied or other. The software only reads information from Picasa so, unless there is a mayor flaw in Googles Picasa API, there will be no risk for your media files.