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Make money online

You have all seen the sites that promise you to make several thousands of dollars on auto pilot. But if there roulette systems, scams and survey sites was that good they would be doing it themselves, right? A site that can't tell you how they stand to profit from the information sharing they did on how to make money are trying to screw you! By making you believe that they from the kindness of there heart are helping you make all the money you will ever need. This sites are dependent on your actions to make money on there affiliates and so on. I will write a number of articles on the subject tagged "Money Making" where I will tell you how to make money online and how I stand to profit from it. Then you can think for your self and see how much money you will make.

The only way to make money on auto pilot is to make some one else do the leg work for you. If you get $0.50 / survey that you get people to do it won't be much if your honest with people. But if you rank at the top of every search engine with "make money without working" you could probably trick a thousand people or so a week to do it before they realize that they won't be a millionaire. There you have a $500 / week for writing a HTML site and putting it out there.

As I promissed I will tell you how I stand to make money from this. I hope that if you read my articles and do any of the things I tell you about you will use my affiliate links while setting it all up. Then you will make money and a will get a cut for helping you with the information, spread the wealth. And if you would like to do the same I do and spread the information to others please do so but use my affiliate links when you become an affiliate and we all make some $.


Google AdSense vs password protected user unique pages


User unique pages that are password protected. On these pages you would like to show targeted and relevant Google AdSense ads to be able to maximize profits of you cloud service. But how do you get the AdSense bot to index the pages so relevant ads can be shown?

The Facts

  • The Google AdSense bot supports password protected pages. But the service assumes that all pages in the “members” area are the same for every user. This is rarely the case for most cloud services these days.
  • The Google AdSense bot logs on with a predetermined id and password. The credentials are sent as POST parameters.

The Solution

It needs access to all the information but need to be able to distinguish it from each other. It also needs to have a unique marker used by both the user and the bot. So let’s presume that you have put all the functions of your service in different pages i.e. edit.aspx, add.aspx and view.aspx. If you add a ?id={GUID} where the guid corresponds to the user account and give both the user and the bot account access. The user and the bot should be seeing the same thing.

What I haven’t been able to figure out is if the bot requires links between the pages or if it gets the URLs to visit from users requesting ads. But if it relied on links it would index a lot of sites that is irrelevant for the ads. So I think that the bot uses the URL that they get when a client browser requests ads from the page.

Security Issues

Security is another reason making me hope I’m right in my assumptions. Because if I need a special index page for all users and pages it is a security risk. But if I can present read only data without any name tagging to the bot I should be able to keep security risk to a minimal.

The account should only have read-only access to all the data. Not be able to change anything at all. Also you should log everything this account does. You can check for security issues and you can also track whenever the bot re-indexes you information.

As I said before I don’t know exactly how the bot operates but I will test my theories and write again.